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early ultrasound

Hi everyone,

My first ultrasound is scheduled for this coming Friday, the 19th. I'll be 6 weeks and 3 days at that point, and I'm getting the ultrasound basically to confirm the pregnancy and see a heartbeat (since I've had two previous miscarriages). Do you think 6 weeks and 3 days is too soon to see the heartbeat? My doctor's "scheduler" (who manages appointments like these) suggested I might try and reschedule it for when I'm 7 weeks. What do you think?

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maybe too quick

I have been told that to guaranty the sound of a heartbeat, 8 weeks is the earliest

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I had my u/s at exactly 6w3d and saw a heartbeat--BUT I've heard of others who didn't, freaked out, and then saw one a week later.

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I saw a heartbeat with my first at about 6-7 weeks (sorry, don't remember exactly), with my others I waited until 8 weeks. This time I'll try to get one as soon as possible, maybe around 7 weeks, just for the peace of mind.

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I went in at 6w1d (very sure of my O date) and my babies measured 5w6d and they both had heartbeats. You should be able to see a heartbeat by 6 weeks. GL! Biggrin

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Good points all ... I think maybe to play it safe, I'll try to schedule it for sometime the following week. I don't want to be there too early and freak out unnecessarily, you know?

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I had a miscarriage back in April and when I suspected a m/c the dr at the ER wouldn't do an ultrasound because I was 5 weeks 5 days pregnant and he said I wouldn't be able to see a heartbeat.

I am pregnant again and I went to the ER for spotting and cramping and feared I was having another m/c. I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and the ER dr this time did an ultrasound (although she was convinced I was further along then I though since my levels were extremely high). The dr and nurse saw the heartbeat (I of course couldn't being on my back ha ha) but the nurse even commented how cool it was to see how fast the heart was beating.

So it really depends, I think. I am now 7 weeks today (possibly with twins they said!), and they did confirm I was just under 5 1/2 weeks at that u/s. I go back the 29th for dating purposes and to check for twins!

M/cs suck, and I know the feeling of just wanting to make sure this baby is there and in good health. Good luck and I wish you the best!