Emma is here....

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Emma is here....

Well she been here for over a week but we are just now getting back to life. She arrived last Monday March 26th at 9:45 am by scheduled c-section. She was 8 lbs 15oz, 19.5". She is my biggest baby. Everything with the birth went great, she latched really well and is a great eater. We knew we would be in the hospital till Thursday and that was fine but I do not sleep well in hospitals and so between a lack of sleep and just giving birth I was my usual postpartum emotional self. On Wednesday she started to look yellow and had low level jaundice. On Thursday it was higher but we still got to go home, as long as we came back the next day for more blood work and to see the pediatrician. We also had to wake her every 2.5-3 hrs to first nurse and then give her a bottle of formula. So we got home, it was great to be home but then DD1 got sick over night and DS was sick Friday morning. So we had to juggle our sick kids, the blood work and drs appointments just to find out we had to go back to the hospital so Emma could go under the light over night.
Luckily my sister came to watch the kids Friday during the day and DHs parents came to watch them over night. We had to stay in the hospital till 8pm Saturday and then back to the hospital Sunday for more blood work. But luckily everything was better. Monday we followed up with our family dr and need to go for blood work on Wednesday but everything should be good. Last night DH was sick, so we are really hoping that Emma and I can stay healthy. DH has been amazing and the kids love their new baby sister. We are finally settling in to life at home and I just need to get lots of sleep.

Pictures to come.

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Congrats on your little girl!! Sorry to hear it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I'm glad things seem to be settling down. I hope you get some time to just relax and enjoy the family.

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Congrats and WTTW Emma! Looking forward to seeing some pics! Hope you manage to stay healthy!

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Congrats on having Emma! I hope you and she don't get sick either! Hopefully Emma passes her next bloodwork test too, so she won't have to get stuck again! Glad she latched right away and that her siblings love her! Can't wait to see her beautiful picture!

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Congrats on Emma! Sorry about all the sick kids and DH too. Hope you and Emma stay well and that her bloodwork looks perfect.

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congrats Smile sorry it's been a bit crazy for you guys the past week though hope everyone is on the mend and you two stay healthy

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I thought my last week sounded rough (some similar nursing/supplementing issues), but NOTHING like having a house of sickos too! Sad I hope everyone heals up for you!

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Congratulations! Sorry you're dealing with the sickies - that's the last thing you need right now. Hope you and Emma steer clear of it, and you get some rest, esp since you're post-c-section. Looking fwd to pics - when you are up to it, though!

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CONGRATS! I hope everyone is feeling better and you and Emma avoid all the sickness.

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Congrats!! Seems like a few of our sprouts have had problems with jaundice. Glad everything else is on the up and up. Hope everyone's sickness gets better quickly.