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It's official. Desmond started crawling yesterday.

He does a hop crawl lol. It's actually funny to watch him tuck his legs under him and hop forward and then put his arms out and hop more. He's so proud of himself!

I need to get my video recorder and tape it because it's so funny! DD2 crawled with one knee on the ground and one the other straight out and she'd push herself around lol. I can't believe my little guy is moving now!

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WOW!!! That is so fun! Way to go Desmond!

(We aren't even close to crawling, but today she actually slid herself under the couch, but she was on the wood floor, so it's slippy!!)


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wow that's awesome wtg Desmond

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Yay for crawling! How exciting!

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Crazy! Emma is no where near crawling! She barely rolls, she can but she chooses not to.

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He is already getting faster at moving! Ah! He usually only crawls though when he sees something he wants (usually the girls' toys ha ha). He does seem to enjoy jewelry, baby dolls, and Littlest Pet Shop toys HA HA!

it's just really funny to see him sitting, then he sees something, and he's off to get it and one of the girls is screaming "No Desmond!" and trying to gather their things as quickly as possible lol.

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Go Desmond!

No crawling here either, just a lot of falling over from sitting when she tries to get a toy just out of reach.

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Yay!!! Go Desmond!! Way to move! Kole is close, he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees and he does get into an army crawl type deal where he can get across the floor, but it's not quite crawling yet.