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So last night around 12:30AM I was woken up by contractions. They were happening every few minutes. I got up to go to the bathroom and they didn't stop. I began to time them around 1:00 AM since they kept coming. I would get them for about 2 minutes every 10-20 minutes and then for four minutes every 12-20 minutes then back to two minutes. This went on until about 3:15. They were so bad I couldn't even sleep.

Why didn't I go in? I wanted DH there with me in case it was the real thing. I didn't want him to have to try and find someone in the middle of the night to watch the kids. Also, I was hoping it'd keep going until about 6:00AM when the kids usually get up. And I also didn't want to get someone to come stay with the kids if they were going to send me home. All yesterday I was having these frequent contractions though. For a few hours I would have them about 5-10 minutes apart and then they'd stop.

Does this mean the end is near? I honestly don't know if that's how this works or not because with my first I only ever had contractions the night I went into the hospital to have her (had her the next morning). And with my second I only had maybe 4 contractions the night before she was born, and then I had to go into the hospital the next day and be induced because my water was leaking.

Gah, I really hope this means I'll be having him soon lol. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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Oh, I forgot to add, I got up and walked around the house a little but I kept having to go pee (lol) about every 10-15 minutes. I did eat a banana in case I was in labor because I was starving! I also bounced on my pregnancy ball and was on all fours swaying back and forth and those all seemed to help. I also sat and just watched my shows I taped last night and the contractions stayed the same. They lasted about 30-90+ seconds every time, some a lot more intense than others.

I'm already having them again this morning about every 6-10 minutes. I swear though, if they get that close together again and last as long as they did I'll go in. I'm sort of kicking myself for not, but they may have just sent me home anyway, who knows!

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A lot of us are at a point where things could happen anytime now. I don't have any personal experience, but it sounds like you may be nearing the end. From what you've said and based on other things I've heard it sounds like the real thing. I don't think there's any harm in staying home as long as possible. . . until you just KNOW you need to go in, unless you have a history of really fast labor.

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Maybe things are getting ready slowly. I don't think its a bad idea to be home like you have been. If you'd already gone to the hospital you'd have been there for a long time at this point and still have more to go. Might was well be in your own home moving around and doing other things as you progress.

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def sounds like things are starting.....what were your instructions for going in? I don't remember from last time but I thought it was more like 5min apart??
If you're feeling like it's happening again I'd call the hospital and they'll usually assess you over the phone and tell you to come in or not. I agree with others unless you have fast labours I'd rather be at home.

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I had two different things told to me (ha of course!) The dr at L&D told me not to go in unless my contractions were 2 minutes apart last 2 hours and about 90 seconds each time. The other was the OB I saw last week (the weird guy lol) who said if my contractions are 3-5 minutes for one hour to go in. But again, I really wanted to wait until morning and not wake people up if I would be sent home and I wanted DH with me just in case.

However, I don't really seem to have fast births. With DD1 my water broke about 11:30 PM and I had her at 8:42 AM. Although I only had literally about 12 minutes of pushing and she was out. With DD2 I went in and got induced at about 4:15 or 4:30PM and had her at 10:14PM. Again...about 15 minutes of pushing and she was out.

I am hoping all those contractions helped me dilate some more to get this show on the road! Maybe sometime this week he will decide it's time to come out lol.

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very exciting! Smile I can only imagine how exhausting that must be. I have a few times like that a day... and then nothing for several days. It gets you all excited... then nothing!