Failed procedure... guess I have a tubal in my future.

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Failed procedure... guess I have a tubal in my future.

I went in for my Adiana procedure today. For those who don't know what it is, it's a less invasive female sterilization procedure where the tubes are blocked off with little silicone implants and scar tissue forms around them.

So I did all my pre-op stuff, took my drugs this morning like a good girl. She got in and couldn't locate both tubes, so she couldn't do it. Sad All that, and now I have to go have a tubal ligation in December. Sad If I'd known that I would have just had my tubes tied during my c-section!

On the bright side, she found a uterine polyp while she was in there and removed it for me, and I got a nice view of the inside of my uterus on the tv monitor.

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boo sorry Sad
I guess dh isn't up for the big V then? Is there an easy way to do the tubal or is full surgery again?

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No, DH has said since before we were married he'd never be able to have the big V. He's a huge baby when it comes to all stuff medical. He avoids the doctor at all costs, because he's scared the doctor will order bloodwork.

The tubal will be full on surgery. General anesthesia and all. It's laproscopic at least, so recovery should be pretty easy.

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Yuck! That sucks a big one! So is that like the Essure but with silicone instead of the wire thingies? I didn't even know that not finding the tubes was something that could even happen.

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Lol @ your DH. I've thought about the Essure when we're done.

That sucks they couldn't do it. Sad Wish you didn't have to get the surgery.

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That sucks! I get the DH thing, I am not sure I would have been able to get DH to go either. Luckily we knew we were done and I had the tubal during my c-section. I hope it goes well and that you recover quickly.