Fast Facts About SIDS -- Please Read & Share!

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Fast Facts About SIDS -- Please Read & Share!

June is Baby Safety Month! Please join us in raising awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and what steps can be taken to reduce risks!

1/2 of all infant death are due to SIDS.

Fast Facts About SIDS -- Protect Your Baby!: CLICK, READ, COMMENT, and SHARE!!

Promote this with every parent and parent to be you know! Click the buttons to share via Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, and more! This is so very important that we've even provided an "embed" link for you to grab and share offsite.

While we will never be able to eradicate all deaths by SIDS, by spreading the word we CAN reduce the risks and potentially save lives!

~Missy (

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Crazy that so many babies still die of SIDS.

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I know! I hadn't realized how many until I read this. Sad.

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I am terrified by SIDS... every time Heidi sleeps longer than I expect, I leap out of bed to check on her, while at the same time being so scared to look. Friends of ours adopted a little boy who had all four of the top risk factors for SIDS, they lived for months almost expecting that he was going to die of SIDS... but in the end he is a happy healthy boy!

Can't even imagine the loss of such young lives,


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Adam keeps rolling to his side which is supposedly worse than belly sleeping (don't understand why but oh well)....scares the crap out of me.

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The one good thing about when Desmond sleeps is he's a noisy sleeper lol. He grunts a lot in his sleep and farts so loud I can hear it over the monitor lol. It helps ease my mind since he sleeps in his own room already.