feel cruddy

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feel cruddy

Not sure whats going on but I've felt like crap for the past 7hrs :S
Not quite like period cramps but you know that it's coming cramps if that makes sense Smile
While I'd be happy to deliver early I'm not quite ready (haven't got anything packed or anything for baby such as diapers ready). I did just put a bunch of stuff in a pile for me and baby's clothes are in the dryer so they're almost ready.

He's still moving around like crazy having his usual daily party....maybe I just had a busy morning

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Sorry you feel so crummy Sad Hope you either get better or have a baby!

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I hope you start feeling better. I found though that I almost knew when my contractions were about to start once they began (does that make sense?). So maybe things are moving along for you!

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Hope you get enough time to get things together, and either feel better, or get to meet your little one! Smile

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"Jeffininer" wrote:

Sorry you feel so crummy Sad Hope you either get better or have a baby!


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I had a day like this earlier in the week. My back hurt, I was crampy, I just basically felt like garbage. I hope you feel better!