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Yesterday I was carrying DD out of my parents house and I slipped on their steps. It was really slow motion, my foot twisted and I almost dropped her but I was able to catch her again with two hands and kind of roll onto my back. So I lent up lying on the snow with her on my chest. Luckily I was able to roll/land like that otherwise DD would have hit the ground first and then I would have landed on her with my baby belly. Luckily DH was right behind me and came to get DD off me and I could get up. We are both fine and the baby was not really affected (it has been moving normally) except my left foot really hurts, it is not swollen but it hurts to walk. It was loosened it a bit after waking up so that is good. I did go grocery shopping this morning (we had nothing in the house) and that went ok as I could hold on to the buggy. But now I hope to sit on the couch and just let it rest.

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That must have been scary. Hope you get a good break and you feel better quickly,


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Glad you, DD, and baby are all doing ok. I think getting some much needed rest is a very good idea!!! I forget the risk of falling with the baby belly throwing you off balance and tend to carry DD and DS around way too much!

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Falling is a scary thing, especially when pregnant. I'm glad that everyone involved is okay and I hope your ankle is only a minor issue and heals quickly. Do get some good rest.

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How scary! I'm glad you managed to land safely with LO and DD. And I'm glad all you suffered was a hurt ankle. Hopefully it heals quickly and isn't in too much pain!

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Glad to hear you navigated your way through that emergency landing!!! Sorry about your ankle but glad it was just your ankle!

Falling is so scary when you're carrying a kid or pregnant, falling with both must have been horrifying! Hope the snow at least padded the impact.

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Ouch. I'm glad all involved are ok and get some extra rest to heal up that ankle.

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Heal up fast! Sad That could have been SO MUCH worse, with three people to catch. Good job, mama instincts!