Felt a little flutter last night

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Felt a little flutter last night

So last night I was bent over on the bed messing with the cat, and all of a sudden I felt this little fluttering in about an inch width on the left side of my belly (which I know is the side the baby is on, because that's where they've been finding the heartbeat). At first, I thougt, well hmm, that's wierd, then I thought, was that the baby?? I looked it up, because I thought it was way too early to be feeling that (especially since I'm a FTM) but a couple of different websites said that between 13 and 15 weeks (I'm 14 weeks) some women are able to feel the baby move. I know it wasnt gas because, TMI, I was having some major gas last night and it was in my lower back. LOL I felt the flutters once more last night, but nothing today. Anyway, it would be really cool if that was the baby I was feeling! :clappy:

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Yay, that is the best feeling!

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That's so great! I've been feeling flutters too and it's the best feeling ever!

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Yay!!! I think (??) I've felt a little bit - feels almost like carbonation or a fizzy sensation. But maybe I was just imagining it. Blum 3

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I am soooooo waiting for the first real good kicks and rolls! That is my favorite part of pregnancy. Smile

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I'm so waiting to feel them too! Everytime I think it's the baby it stops like it knows I'm watching Smile

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I love when you finally can feel them start moving! I thought I might have felt something a few days ago but I'm not sure...

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That's the best feeling. I can't wait!

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I'm glad you got to experience it! I've noticed the movements I have been feeling have increased in their frequency. It's pretty neat. I was playing a FB game yesterday and could feel some noticeable movements 3 good times.

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I tend to notice it more readily after I eat. Otherwise I think I'm just too busy.

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Yay! That's exciting. I was 17 weeks the first time I felt DD move, but this time I felt it much sooner, around 14 weeks and have felt it only a few times. I can't wait until the real kicks start, that's when it gets exciting!