felt a little wiggle ...

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felt a little wiggle ...

So exciting!

In a meeting this morning I felt a weird kind of twitching/tapping sensation in my belly. It lasted just half a second, but I had to wonder ... I asked my sister about it later and she said yep, sounds like the baby!

I had felt this same sensation probably two nights ago, but didn't know what to think of it. Now I can't wait to feel it again!

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Yay! Congrats on feeling your LO move! It's even better when he/she moves a lot and all the time. And wait until DH gets to feel baby too!!!

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So good!! Smile There is nothing like that constant reassurance!

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I keep sitting very still hoping I'll feel it again soon. I can't wait until it's more regular!!

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That's Great! What a wonderful feeling! You'll start noticing the movement more and more as the days go on!

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Woot! Yay for wiggles!

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Greatest thing ever! Yay!

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You have too love that feeling!!

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wiggle it, just a little bit!


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love feeling flutters but it's so nice when you can feel them a lot throughout the day Smile