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fertility friend

Is fertility friend worth paying for the vip??

I've kinda um.. used 3 different emails 3 different months and ran out of email addresses so.... figuring maybe its time to pay... or if its even worth it.. haha Smile

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I've been using it for years just to keep track of my cycles. I just use the free version and it works great.

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i paid for it this cycle..I guess we'll see if it paid off LOL

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I pay for it. It wasn't that much and I like the extra features.

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I dont really "like" the free version because it doesnt really tell you when you'd be fertile or anything or forcasted Ov days.. but.... I guess its not really rocket science to know when you have CM or +OPK to BD.. haha.. I just like seeing it...

But then I was just gonna pay for it, but then I was like do I really need to spend 45 dollars or whatever it is, for it to tell me to BD when I would already be BD'in?? So Im torn haha Smile

And.. then I was torn if I shld just buy one month, or... a year?? Bcuz you never know how long it'll take!!!

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Try the Taking Charge of Your Fertility site. They have a free tracking program on the site (tcoyf.com) and it tells you your estimated O date, fertile period, when AF is due, etc.

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I love the VIP features. I really like the forum too! I just paid for 3 months...:D