Fifth Disease - UPDATE after mw

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Fifth Disease - UPDATE after mw

Anyone know much about Fifth Disease? My understanding is that being almost 39w preg I'm "fine" most issues seem to be pre-20week but what about newborn? ds has two confirmed cases in his class so he's already been exposed and given incubation period baby will be here before we know he's fine

So mw sent me for blood test yesterday to see if I'm immune. This stage of preg is very very little risk. Her concern (like mine) was more for newborn. As expected IF I'm immune then baby should get my immunity. IF I'm not then he could get sick however it's not so bad for baby. She won't know my immunity until Friday at the earliest (likely monday) but I'm hoping I'll have baby before then and she'll just talk to ped on staff at hospital that day and see if they have any concerns for baby but in all honesty it sounds like no worries and she's just taking precautions to look into it

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I wish I could be more help but I do not know anything about fifth's disease.

That is the only downfall to having older kids with a newborn, you never know what they will bring home from school. My DD has been so cautious trying to avoid giving any school germs to her little brother she changes her shirt and washes her hands and arms before holding Peyton when she gets home.

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**LURKER** From what I know of the disease...if you as a pregnant adult get the disease while pregnant it can be harmful to the baby earlier on than you are. Very early on it can cause mc and later on it can cause a type of fetal anemia that can be serious. For children I believe the disease is usually extremely mild. A lot of people never even know they have it. My kids who had it got the typical rash....they had no fever and never acted ill. Once the rash are past the contagious period so you can go to school. I believe I had this a couple years back as an adult (I was not pregnant). I know I did not have it before some of my pg's because they tested me for it a couple pregnancies ago and they said I had not been exposed either recent or in the past (the test could tell them which it was). When a bunch of my kids got it (and it was text book) I believe I also got it...and the only difference for me as an adult is my knees and wrists were KILLING me and so stiff and I got the rash. Again...I believe this is text book....adults can get joint issues when they get it. It resolved in a few weeks. The kid's rash came and went with heat over a few weeks as well. None of my kids were tiny infants...but again...I believe its supposed to be a pretty mild childhood illness.

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Is it Fifth Disease of Hand Foot and Mouth. They are actually different my dr said. My son had it a month ago and i was told that at this stage in pregnancy we should be fine just let your dr know. Once baby gets here just keep an eye out!

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hand foot mouth does not present at all like fifth's disease! Fifth's disease is usually a fever and then a "slapped cheek" looking rash on the face that after a day or so spreads to the rest of the body in a lacy fashion. Hand foot mouth usually has blisters/sores in the mouth, hands and feet and I believe fever. Fifths disease is the one that is dangerous to pregnant women early on and is the one that is mild in children and by the time you realize your kid has it (by the rash) you are usually past the contagious point. Hand foot mouth I dont know much about...but I believe the sores and the fever associated with the sickness come together so you would be contagious when the sores are present. We have not actually had that one at my house yet (knock on wood) Smile

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At this stage in your pregnancy, baby will be fine if you 'do' get it. Chances are you may already be immune. Which means you would pass your immunity onto your newborn. When I was pg with DS, there were cases at the school I was working at, I was just out of the first tri so was worried. My OB tested me and I was immune, although I never remember having it (and my mum doesn't remember me having it either!)
At my DSs daycare at the moment they have the chicken pox and hand, foot and mouth going around - I was worried about Ella getting either one, but her Ped today said she should be protected for now due to her immunity from me.

Hope everyone stays healthy!

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My DD had Hand, Foot and Mouth a few months ago. It never occurred to me to even think it could be dangerous to me while I was pg. She started to get tiny blisters on her hands and feet and then they showed up around her mouth and her diaper area. She did have a fever, but not for very long. It went all around over here.

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update post 1

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Good to hear the risks are low, and hopefully you have immunities for your LO!!