finally a belly pic :)

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finally a belly pic :)

30w today and I took my 2nd belly shot (first to show here though haha)

I put the comparison btw ds1 and this one

(sorry is this big for you guys? I resized twice and it still looks big even with a proper refresh)

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Looking great! I have yet to post a belly is my goal to take at least one despite feeling like a beached whale!! Lol

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Your belly looks the same size in the two pics! Very cute!

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Aww your belly is so cute! I agree, looks about the same size too Smile

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LOVE it! I don't know if it's just me, or the camera angle, but I think you do look lower in this one... like you've dropped, but hadn't dropped at this stage the first time around. No matter what, you have a gorgeous perfectly round belly!