Finally a pos OPK!! YAY!!

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Finally a pos OPK!! YAY!!

Hiya girls!
I think I finalllly got a POS opk!! I havent had one the last two months, I think because I gave up too early.. sooo this is me hoping that my cycle is back on track this month.

I took a couple pics with my phone but the colors don't show up that well but I think it works!!

I didnt look at yesterdays because i was in such a hurry to leave, and noticed this morning it looked pos, and was worried I had missed it, but after todays test I think todays is the real positive one... Its CD18

Here they are: (sorry for the blurryness, and the writing is all smeared.. I guess I shldnt try to write on them in the bathroom hah!!)

PS. Those who temp, How soon after a pos opk do you think you actually ovulate??

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The last one sure looks positive to me! Good luck!

Oh and I would keep testing for a few more days just in case.

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Does it matter what the next tests say?
I always hear nothing matters after the first pos, even though I always test anyways just because.. well I like to POAS and see lines...
But if I keep POAS and it keeps being positive does that just mean a longer surge? Orrrr.. how does that work??

Oh also, so if I get a POS opk today, then any ideas what I should put in FF for OV day? Like tues/weds?

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Sometimes your body gears up to O and for some reason doesn't. Your body will try again in a few days so I would just keep testing just in case and BD every time you see a positive OPK! Biggrin

Sometimes, I'll get a positive OPK for about 3 days and not actually O. A few days later I'll get more positive tests and that's when I actually O (confirmed by temp shift). I have loooong, 8-9 days long! My body is just weird, though!

I'm just suggesting to keep testing just in case since there is no real way to confirm O without temping. Just trying to cover all your bases!:D

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Yay! I don't temp or use OPKs but wanted to wish you luck!!

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I agree w/ pp. My body did the same thing mentioned above-gearing up to o but didn't follow through. I ended up testing again just because I wanted to POAS & I was wondering why I wasn't getting positive pregnancy tests & lo and behold a positive opk. I confirmed w/ a digital this time & it was also positive, whereas last attempt I didn't get a positive digital result. I would just keep dtd for the next few days & test again to see the results. GL!

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Woot!!! Definitely positive!!!

I agree with Jina, keep testing. Though the positive, doesn't matter, it can help you determine how long your surge is and when it goes back to negative, you'll know that's probably the last day of probable fertility.

For me, my last cycle, I had 3 days of + OPKs and then I Od about 24 hours later. My 1st + was just as dark as the control, the 2nd day was WAY darker than the control and the 3rd day was just as dark. The next day (4th day) OPK was negative and temp was low. My temp on day 5 confirmed O on day 4.

Good luck!!!!

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Yay Cait!!! So happy you got your +OPK!!! It seems like a lot of us are gearing up for O. I would continue to test to make sure this is really it. I am still getting +OPKs today and I plan on testing until I see my temp shift. My temp went up a little today so I am hoping that it dips tomorrow meaning that I O tomorrow and then it will hopefully shoot back up after that. But if you have a bunch of tests and need to satisify your POAS urges I would say keep doing them.

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YAY! I don't use OPK's but GOOD LUCK!

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Yay positive!!!! Biggrin