Finally rolling

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Finally rolling

My big little girl can finally roll from back to tummy, and even then only from right to left. This is the direction she launches herself toward me when we are side-lying. Wink She is hopelessly stuck once she's on her tummy, though. She'll figure out how to do tummy-to-back someday...

I also weaned her from her swaddle at night in three days by getting her some Zipadee-Zips, adorable starfish-shaped pajamas. She still needs a swaddle to nap during the day, and is still waking twice a night to eat/cuddle, but this is progress.

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Way to go Bree!! Bet she won't be stuck on her stomach for long, and then she really will be moving!


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Yeah Des wakes up like 2 times to eat (and another just for a diaper change) ha.

But yay for her rolling!!

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That is awesome, Emma is stuck on her front as well, but they both will get there. Even on her back she often decides not to roll, her can and has done but I think she figures why bother, unless she really wants something.