Finger food suggestions???

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Finger food suggestions???

The last week or so we have been putting Heidi in the highchair during meal time because she likes to be in the conversation... and then we just threw Cheerios on the tray to keep her entertained, but she has quickly learned how to pick them up and get them in her mouth!! Now every meal she is eating a handful of Cheerios every meal, so I'm thinking I should branch out her food options. I was thinking of steaming carrots and cutting them up so she could pick them up. This is so different than my first daughter who didn't have the pincer grip until much later and so we did all kinds of pureed food. We are just going with the feeding herself since she is doing a good job of it and it keeps her entertained! Any suggestions??? She has no teeth but seems totally able to chew with her gums.

On another note, I spoke too soon... She is still a lump.. no rolling yet... Some days I swear she is just going to skip straight to walking because she really only likes to be standing, but I know she will get there in her own time..


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I dunno because when I tried those Puff things that Walmart and Target sell, Desmond seemed very offended they were in his mouth LOL. But go Heidi for eating Cheerios!

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We haven't tried finger foods yet but we are using the fresh food feeder and he loves that. It keeps him busy for at least 30-45 mins during dinner.

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Wow. That's impressive. I haven't tried any kinds of finger foods with Kole because I'm terrified he'll choke. We've tried a few pureed food, but he just spits it all out. He's a total booby monster still.

With DD we did the puffs that dissolve easily and Mum mums too. I think the steamed carrots sound good, and easy to chew. You could also maybe try peas.