First Breast Leakage

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First Breast Leakage

So last night I was laying in bed, minding my own business, when I felt this wierd tickling on my boob. I reached up to rub my boob and felt something wet, so I started freaking out and my husband turned the light on and I had this perfect circle wet spot on my boob. My husband was cracking up about it for a good 10 minutes. It was a very interesting experience to say the least.

Ahh the joys of pregnancy!!

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A week or two ago I started noticing crusty white stuff around and on my nipples. I told DH that I was sure I was beginning to leak and he still doesn't believe me. I haven't had a big leak but I must be leaking a little because like I said, there's crusty white stuff (and I shower a lot! LOL!)

I told him just wait because when I'm able to, I'm going to squirt him! LOL!

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LOL, gotta love those little perks. I haven't had any leakage yet, but my nips are very itchy lately. . .

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Oh the pure joys of nipple changes... Mine had only recently stopped all activity within the last year, and within the last week, I've seen first signs of clear liquid again. I look forward to nursing, but not the massive amount of leaking that happens!

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I started leaking around 20 weeks with #2. It was like amazing to

I'm still nursing DS2 so I don't think it counts as leaking for me since its been going on for the last 1 1/2 years Smile

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Nothing here ... didn't have anything with my first either... so maybe not something my body does. Looking forward to all the weirdness of breastfeeding... I remember the first time my daughter pulled away unexpectedly and the breast milk squirted clear across the room!!! My partner and I couldn't stop laughing (after the initial mortifed moment)!!


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mine weren't too leaky with #1 before he was born (after was a whole 'nother story!! lol) but I did get some starting around 22ish? weeks. This time, DS just gave up a nursing a couple weeks ago, so there's been a bit of 'crusty' stuff... but I figure it's still 'leftovers' from DS! Wink