First DRs appointment

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First DRs appointment

Have you scheduled your yet? When? When will you get your first ultrasound?

If you have already had your first appointment tell us all about it?

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I see my doctor this Thursday. I already had a physical booked so I will talk to her then. She will most likely just send me for blood work and see me in 7 weeks.

My first US won't be till 20 weeks, as long as everything goes as normal.

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I go this Thursday too. It's just the initial visit where they do blood work, paperwork, etc. I won't have my first 'real' appt until 8 weeks. Last time I had a vaginal ultrasound at 8 weeks, wonder if they'll do that agian. It was really cool seeing my baby that early on.

Now that I've made my first appt, it's really starting to sink in that this is real!

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I had my first appoinment and ultrasound little over a week ago. I saw a tiny gest sac measuring 4 weeks and my doctor put me on progesterone supplements.

My next appointment and ultrasound is this Thursday as well! I'm so nervous that I won't see a heartbeat. I'm hoping and praying that all is well. I'm still lacking symptoms and what little symptoms I had disappeared a few days ago so I'm extra nervous!

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Mine is August 24th( will be a 8.5 weeks along), and I get a nurse visit, meet the OB Dr. and an Ultrasound! So freaking excited!!

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Aww I hope all of you ladies appointments go well !! Jina please dont be worried , everything will be ok

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I won't see my midwife until August 12th.

I was already offered an early ultrasound (was calling around for OBs too before I decided on midwife), but turned it down. I'm just not quite comfortable with them and not sure if they are completely safe that early to subject a developing embryo to it, especially when done transvaginally... but, I'm still kind of sad that I won't get a cute little picture of this lil' one. I had an early ultrasound with DS1, and its so neat to be able to see those photos. But, I've gotta do what I think is safest, and this tiime around we'll only be agreeign to the 20 week one to check placement of placenta and all that jazz.

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I have my first appt next Monday, the 8th. She will order the ultrasound to confirm EDD so it will probably be sometime next week - yay!

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First appointment is on the 19th of August.

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My first appointment is August 23. My first appointment last pregnancy they did an ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat--I assume they'll do the same thing this time. I'm excited/nervous!

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Just got back from my first dr appointment. She did a pap test, I gave a urine sample and I have to go for blood work. My next appointment is on September 12th.

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Nicole, yay for a good appointment! I can't wait to hear all about your next appointment! Biggrin

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Had my first appointment last Friday--they are pretty low-intervention, so no u/s or anything like that. The midwife did confirm the pregnancy, gave a pap smear, and asked me to come back around 10 weeks so we can hopefully hear the heartbeat. Her "wheel of truth" estimated the due date at April 5 instead of the 3rd...but I usually O on day 12 and have 26 day cycles, so I know it's probably earlier.

But that's a good thing--if I go late, at least I'll be able to put off any inductions for another few days.

Good & boring appointment.

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My first appt is on Tuesday the 9th!!! I'm very much looking forward to it because I have NO idea when I O'd or when AF was due because of my M/C. So I will be confirming pregnancy and getting a dating ultrasound. So excited! I know I'm due early April but it would be nice to have an EDD.