First Internal Exam Tomorrow

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First Internal Exam Tomorrow

What should I expect? Is it painful when the OB checks for effacement/dilation?

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It's never been painful for me. And it's quick.... probably like 45 seconds. I'd hardly call it comfortable, since the doctor's hand is shoved way up there after all, but certainly not painful. Smile

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I think it just depends. It was painful for me, but I always tend to be mighty sensitive.

Just remember, relax and don't clinch! Blum 3

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I think it's a little awkward lol. You'll feel a little pressure, and I think the only time it would maybe hurt is if your cervix is WAYYY up there and the OB really has to put his/her fingers in deep to find it. However, since they know what they're doing I don't think that's a problem.

And I agree, just relax and if it makes you feel more comfortable look to the side when they do it (that's what I do!)

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It is pretty uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt just more awkward feeling.

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It's more just uncomfortable for me. My ob is starting internal checks today too. Fun fun!

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I had my first internal check today, it was a little painful to me at first but then I just took my mind off of it and it wasnt too bad.

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I agree with others - not something you want to do every day (especially when end of pregnancy is already uncomfortable), but isn't horrible. My cervix tends to be really sensitive, and it's no worse for me than the pressure baby applies from the other side of the cervix..