First OB Appt

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First OB Appt

...I got a complimentary vag ultrasound and saw my little bean (which strangely looked like a large bean). Even saw the heartbeat and man was that bean wiggling!

New EDD: 4/19/2012, so my kids might share the same birthday still. I think I'm going to have my son's 3rd birthday a couple of weeks before so he doesn't get upset.

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Yay! So glad you got to see your little (big) bean!

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Awesome!!! Glad you got to check out your little baby Smile

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Yay for seeing your bean!
Hey, we are birth date buddies!

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I might be doing the same thing with my daughters 6th birthday, since I am due 4/4, and her birthday is 4/7. I love those reassuring visits!!

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Congrats on seeing your bean!!! That's great.

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So exciting to See the little bean!!

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Glad you got to see the heartbeat & your bean! Smile