First U/S :)

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First U/S :)

I finally had my first ultra sound this morning and it wasn't planned. I have been going to the dr 2 times a week since I first found out I was pregnant do to being a diabetic. So today I go to show him my numbers and he said.. We haven't seen this little one yet want to see it? Of Course. So he did an U/S the LO is measuring a little small but he doesn't seem to worry about that. The heart looked great though. Smile

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That is awesome!! I hope the appointments slow down a bit, twice a week would be a big pain in the butt.

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it has been. My dr is awesome though and since I just met him a few weeks ago it is kinda nice to be able to get to know him, it has helped me trust him that is for sure. I forgot to add he has decided that I can start coming every other week now Smile Yea!

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Yay for an impromptu meeting of your LO and a good appt.!!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Glad you got to see the little one Smile YAY For a nice strong HB!

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yay for unexpected meetings!

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Yay for seeing your little one!

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Yay for getting a little peek!

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Yay for seeing the little one!! How exciting!

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Yay for seeing the heartbeat!!