First Ultrasound and Interesting Article

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First Ultrasound and Interesting Article

So my first ultrasound is tomorrow. I have so much anticipation and a little anxiety about this. Since this is my first, I have an idea of what to expect but still think it will be so surreal to see baby and hear his/her heartbeat. I have seriously been having dreams about this for 2 weeks.

The other thing that I am excited about is the possible early gender prediction. A good friend of the family is the head of OB for a local hospital; he has about a 90% accuracy rate for determining gender from an earlier U/S. The article below gives some interesting evidence from a study on early detection.

So, tomorrow could be a potentially BIG day. I won't go buying pink or blue until the official gender word next month, but still pretty exciting!

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That's really exciting! I know a few people who went in for an early u/s and they said they thought what the gender most likely was and it turned out to be correct for all the babies (it happened both times for one of my friends).

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has been going by that just next month we should all be getting that big u/s and some of us getting to find out the gender of our LOs. It makes me really excited just thinking about it ha ha.

Let us know what they predict!

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This is AWESOME to see, before my random freebie U/S on Thursday! Thank you for the link!

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Yay good luck! Smile And VERY interesting article but we're team green so doesn't help me out at all Beee Darn DH and his determination to reveal it to our families in the hospital waiting room! jk I'm really excited for him to be able to do that!