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Flu Shot

Are you getting the flu shot? DD got hers yesterday at her 1yr check up and I will likely get mine later today (my birthday), but I was wondering who else was getting the flu shot and if you are not getting it, why not.

I've never had the flu and didn't start getting the flu shot until 2009 when I was forced to get it at work. Last year I got it because I was pg, so the same goes for this year.

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Yep, I'll be getting it soon, and my daughter as well. I've been known to start feeling a bit under the weather soon after getting the flu shot, so I'm waiting til after this weekend. We've got several friends coming in town and I'm hosting a wedding shower, so I can't risk it!
Happy birthday to you! Smile

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Yes - I'll be getting one this weekend. For me, the very real risks of not getting the shot outweigh the potential risks of getting it, so shoot me up!

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I got mine a couple weeks ago when they offered them at work. I've gotten mine every year since 2007 when I was preggo with Lexi. (the year before I got Influenza A and vowed I would NEVER get it again) However I did get the flu one year even with the shot...it's nasty stuff!

Plus, Zayne has winter lung issues so we make sure the flu stays out of our house.

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Yup we will be getting ours Smile I have to schedule Calebs 2 year check up and im sure he will get his then. I have to call my OB and ask if they do them or if i go to my reg doctor(whom i dont like)

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If I remember ha ha. DD2's check up is Nov 2nd and if she gets a shot I'll ask about me getting one and DD1. For some reason they didn't ask when I took DD1 in for her well check up for school. However they did want us to get tested for something (can't remember what) because DH had just come back from deployment. It's a shot/test where they put a needle under your skin and shoot some kind of liquid under your skin and if it swells in like 3 days you have it. But I decided not to have us all get shots because DH was vaccinated before and after he went. DD1 hates the doctor and always freaks out (screaming and crying) if there's a chance she has to get a shot, and I didn't want to put her through that right before going to school. DD2 does pretty good. Last time she was just mad that we had to take her food away while she got her shots, ha ha! Oh and DD1 even cries when anyone else gets a shot. My kids have such different personalities!

Anyway, if they mention the flu shot then I'll get it (because I'll be reminded). Last time I was pregnant I got it and almost got the one for swine flu, but they were out at the time, and then DD2 was born the week they got them in so I never had to get it.

Plus since we're military if we have to get shots, we just walk back to where they give them in the hospital and we can all get them, no appts necessary!

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Typically, I prefer natural immunity for things like flu. Since we do not have anyone we spend time around with compromised immune systems, I have only gotten them when I'm pregnant. On the other hand, I have a young cousin that almost died of swine flu last winter, spending over a week in the hospital. It can be very scary stuff!

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Katie, i'm sure you mean TB tested.

I started getting the flu shot the year before I got pregnant with my first. We keep doing it every year now. Biggrin

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I'm not a big person on shots so I always pass that up for our family.

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My OB will probably advise that I get one since I am pregnant so I probably will. Last time they were able to give it to me at one of my regularly scheduled OB appts. so it wasn't a big deal. I probably will not get it for my kids, though. Neither of them have any risk factors for complications from the flu, so I'll probably just pass for them.

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DS gets it (already did in September), but I always pass. My OB doesn't push the flu shot at all, and every illness I get tends to come from DS, so I figure if he's immune I'm in good shape.

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I haven't had my OB mention anything about getting a flu shot either, and I haven't gotten the flu ever. Not saying that I wouldn't ever get it, but I don't feel that it is a necessity. I would probably consent to getting it if offered though.

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My kids get the flu shot yearly, and still get the flu every year...

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I would never get a flu shot, especially not while pregnant because I actually read the the entire package inserts now and they all say the same thing about pregnancy, not properly tested or not tested at all -- and well, I am not a Guinea pig. Instead I prefer to boost my immune system with good nutrition and supplements if necessary.

I received 1 flu shot in my entire life - in 1997 (I was 17)- and I got a horrible flu (my first ever) that became complicated and had to be under medical care for almost two months. I didn't even know what brand of shot I got either, isn't that sad?

I have had the flu twice in my entire life (in 1997 and 2009) In 2009 my entire family got what was believed to be "Swine flu" although they did not actually test to confirm. No one had any complications (Me (29), mom(68), my girls(2 and 4), and my husband(32) at the time). Lots of people here were diagnosed with swine flu, including a pregnant friend(also a nurse) and her son, no one had any complications. The nurses were actually angry at the bad rep of this flu because they were admitting people that really would have been sent home had they not been diagnosed with the supposed deadly swine flu. Mostly, if you are healthy and there are no underlying conditions, it works the same as any other flu. If you have underlying medical conditions, you have the same risk with any flu.

My advice is this, read the entire pacakage inserts of all available flu shots, and if you still decide to get the shot, at least choose whichever one you believe to the safest one for you and yours. (Like one that has been at least partially tested and so on).

Here are the links to the package inserts on the available flu shots this year - information on Pregnancy, Lactating Women, and Pediatric Use is usually under section 8.1 and on from there, but everyone should be aware of related adverse reactions so that if you or your children have a problem you can learn to recognize what (if anything) is happening to you. Also, if you have any food allergies, you should take extra care as well. If you are looking for specific ingredients to specific vaccines, those can be found on the CDC website as well.








Happy reading!

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I got mine about a month ago at my scheduled appt

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Just a PSA, girls, DO NOT GET FLUMIST. That's a live vaccine, rather than an inactivated one. An inactive vaccine SHOULD NOT make you sick, but there's much more of a risk with a live vaccine.

I got the flumist several years ago - the only time I've ever gotten the flu. Smile

PsycheGal, I'd prefer to boost my immunity through good nutrition and my general healthy lifestyle, but as a social worker, I see lots of germy people all day and I just don't want to place all my hopes for a healthy winter in my green smoothies. Smile