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Follow up US

Had my US today to follow up the concerns of the abdominal circumference(AC) .....and cleft lip/ palate since dh has.

2.5hrs later holy moly (1hr waiting and 1.5hr scanning). Baby is def a boy (tech was awesome and showed me everything including his parts). I forgot to ask but face looked intact. AC is large so he has a big belly, radiologist also came in to scan and she said big but within normal range and he's big proportionally so she thinks it's ok. I think measurements showed a range of 27-29w (and dating u/s puts me at 26w4d

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Awesome! Glad you got to see your little boy a lot and that everything is looking and measuring great!

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:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: great to hear, especially when you had so many concerns, going into it!

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Great to hear that the u/s went well.

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Yay, I'm glad all looks well! I'm so sorry that they put you through all that worry still and demanded another scan. 2 hours is a crazy amount of time to have to be there!

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I am so glad you updated, I've been waiting to hear. I had a new US tech lady and she didn't really know about the differences in head circumference when I asked cause I was so curios.

Glad baby looked really good in there with no signs of CP or any other anomalies. XOXO

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That's great news!! So glad US went well :thumbsup:

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That's great!! I'm so glad the U/S went so well!!