Food Aversions???

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Food Aversions???

Anyone still have food aversions? I was cooking dinner tonight and I am sick as a dog. I was frying deer burger with onion and the smell is horrendous. I still can't eat normal hamburger either....

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Not really. The smell of onions can be overwhelming to me, but I can still eat them. It's just a magnification of the smell. I have been really lucky this time to not have the insane food aversions I did with DD.

Perfume makes me sick though. It gives me an instant headache, but it always has so it's just a little bit worse now.

I hope your food aversions go away. It's miserable when the one specific small can instantly make you sick like that.

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I don't like the smell of ground beef cooking. That makes me feel real sick and a lot of times when I'm cooking it and I smell it then I sometimes don't want to eat then.

Other times, after I add spices and stuff I can handle it. Other times I can't.

Last night I made chili and at first the smell sucked, but after adding other things, it smelled really good, so I was able to eat a large bowl of it.

Tonight we're having sausages and I know I can handle that smell so I don't have to worry about wanting something else.

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No fun. I had big meat (eating & smell) aversions during my last 2 pregnancies. Hope it passes for you soon.

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I have had an aversion to all the seafood/fish we usually eat. It is frustrating because I usually love it, but it is the strong smell that just gets me and then I'm done... Made an awesome venison stew the other day and no aversion to that!!!


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On most days it is just a meat aversion, but some days I have a complete food aversion to any & everything!

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This has thankfully started to go away. I even baked/cooked this past week. Food is starting to smell good to me again!

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Hamburgers do it for me. I just can not stand the smell or even think about eating them. I can stand ground beef now, but not hamburgers.

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In general, a lot of food sounds pretty blah to me. This time around, meat sounds AWESOME all the time lol. I get grossed out by dairy and pasta-type stuff on occasion. Just thinking about it makes me feel gross. After some of you mentioning meat, now I am wanting some. HAHAHA