Funny but frustrating...

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Funny but frustrating...

So apparently my partner is enjoying the pregnant belly... every night I am waking up nearly falling off the bed!! He snuggles closer and closer and I move away because I have been so hot in the night (at least I am guessing since we are both sleeping...) and then I am suddenly awake because I am half off the bed!! Sorry if that is TMI, but I am finding it pretty funny.


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Aw that's so sweet though! Mine throws his arm over me to snuggle close but when he does it's always across my belly which then makes it hard to breath and I have to keep moving his arm lol. I guess both my boys like to try and suffocate me! LOL!

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Awww, he enjoys your baby belly. I totally know what you mean about how hot it gets though with DH right up next to you.

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Not TMI at all! While endearing, I understand the frustration. I feel guilty for telling DH I am physically uncomfortable sleeping the way he likes, because I need to be able to adjust and have no pressure on my abdomen at all.