funny side of the other post :)

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funny side of the other post :)

I didn't want to hijack the thread on circ but I wanted to share a funny story from the other night.

ds is not circ (my choice and I convinced dh who is). The other night the two were in the tub. ds knows how to clean himself and dh was cleaning himself so this is the conversation:

ds "daddy don't forget to clean"
dh "I am cleaning"
ds "no daddy you have to pull it back and clean it all"
dh "I don't have that, they cut it off"
ds " WHAT!!!! who would do that"
dh "well the dr's thought it was best back then"
ds "WHAT!!!! that's crazy"

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LOL! That's hilarious! I love kids, they say the funniest thing!

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Haha! I read this to DH and told him that's what he has to look forward to. DS is also intact, and DH is circ'd.

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ROFL That is hilarious! I love it!

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HAHA that's actually cute. I can't imagine what is going through his head after that... lol

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LOL, that is pretty funny!

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That is hilarious!! What is sad to me is that I have one friend who did circ her son and her reason was because she didn't want to have to discuss cleaning with a toddler... crazy since clearly it isn't a big issue!


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She didn't want to discuss cleaning with a toddler????? LOL!!!!

What is she going to do about teaching him how to clean his butt after going poop? Bathing? Brushing teeth? HAHAHA That has got to be the silliest thing I've ever heard.

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I agree it seems like an incredibly silly reason to have the surgery done... but I think it speaks to society today getting so caught up in sexuality. We are very open at our house, my daughter is four and she understands how a baby is made, she knows women have periods, she understands that her body will change at puberty and she knows the difference between a boy body and a women's body. But this is just my family, I know a lot of families where all these things are not spoken of, or hushed conversations. I would rather her hear it from myself and her dad than from kid on the playground. At it is interesting that when I have talked with her about these things (great interest since I've become pregnant because up until that time kids just arrive in our home and sometimes at 2 or 3 year olds which I can bet is a bit confusing..) but anyways... when I talk to her she takes it so matter-of-factly. It isn't the same as I remember sex ed at school when I was 10-12ish where it all became a joke. When they are little it seems like everything is so amazing that this is just another amazing part of life.

Sorry for putting our philosophy into your thread... just find it so frustrating how society makes sexuality such a deal when it is just a normal part of life. I really think this is why circumcision continues because as a society we are not mature enough to have an open conversation about it.


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Heather - I'm a BIG FAN of anatomy education too. While I haven't exactly described how the sperm get inside of the woman, they know the rest of it, including body differences, how periods work, and all of that. I've taken the approach that I will openly discuss things as they come up, and only as much as they are asking for, or seem ready to hear. They know men have sperm (a special seed, used to fertilize the mama's egg)... but we'll see how effectively I explain when the time comes, and they are asking for those details.