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DH picked up my BC pills today and it turns out, they prescribed me the wrong kind. They gave me kind I'm not suppose to take while BFing! I knew there was something wrong with all the different options of BC the dr gave me (he was new). Good thing I remember from DD2 that I wasn't suppose to use that kind (and thinking about it, maybe that's why it seemed like my milk supply dried up so quickly with DD1 because that's the kind I was on after she was born!)

And their offices are already closed for the day so I have to wait until Monday to get them to call me in a new one. (Since I started my period this week I just put off picking up my BC because I wanted to start taking them Sunday).

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Sad Sorry they prescribed the wrong kind! That would be frustrating!

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That sucks, Katie. Now you have to wait until Monday to start the pill. Not to mention the hassle of calling and then picking up the new script.

Oh, and it doubly sucks that you got AF back already! Sorry.

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Good thing you caught that it was the wrong kind though.

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wow good you caught it, hope it's all sorted now