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So for the past two months we have struggled to get Desmond to take a bottle because he was only BF when DH was gone. I met someone who was in need of milk and my supply was just sitting in the freezer not being used. So I donated it to her. 350+oz from the month of April. And tonight Desmond decided he would take a bottle again. That little

That's okay though because I am going to try and build my supply back up. I have pumped 3 times today and haven't gotten much out, BUT I will not give up!

On the up side, I do have my freezer back Smile

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How great you were able to find someone who needed all that milk!

Good luck with the pumping again!

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I WISH I had that much of a supply! With my girls, I had no problems keeping up a supply, but right now, my frozen supply is at 40.5 oz. That is really awesome you could help out another mama though!!!

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That is totally awesome of you to donate all that BM! And I wouldn't worry about it, supply = demand when is comes to breast milk and I'm willing to bet that yours will build back up to where you are pumping a bunch.

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I've been pumping the past two days after Desmond feeds and I get a little, but I know he eats a lot and has been cluster feeding like crazy lol. I think part of that is because I'm on my period and I know when you get on your period your supply goes down some.

The only bad thing about cluster feeding and pumping is I have such sore nipples lol.