GD test Monday

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GD test Monday

I opted for it this time because I am 27 and I was already overweight when becoming pregnant this time. Luckily, my OB is awesome. I wasn't going to do the test fasting anyways, but I asked his thoughts on it. He said that the GD test is not designed to be completed fasting and to eat normally that day (of course no donuts for breakfast or anything lol). He went on to discuss that we wouldn't normally starve ourselves during pregnancy and then eat a pound of sugar and sit still for an hour, so the fasting test is not a good indicator of how our bodies metabolize glucose.

*Shew, sigh of relief!*

Despite how realistic he is about it, I am still a tad worried. It's weird how this is my 3rd baby and the littlest things are worrying more. I haven't ever failed the test before (with my 1st I did it fasting and it made me incredibly sick, and with my 2nd I did NOT fast which was much better), but I can't help but be a little nervous.

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I worry about everything with this pregnancy too! I think because it's so different than either of my others. My first two were so easy I honestly didn't understand how people could be so miserable throughout it! But then this one came, morning sickness (or all day sickness!) got me and then I can barely keep my eyes awake half the time. I'm beyond miserable this time around! Must be because it's a boy! Ha ha j/k.

I have to go in for my 3 hour on Wed and I'm not looking forward to it. Part of it is because I honestly don't believe I have GD, esp since I only just barely failed the one hour. My Ob wasn't concerned either though. So if I do have it this time around, knowing me, I'll be stressing about it ha ha! Which again isn't good!!!

In other words...I hope you pass your test!

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Try no to be nervouse. I bet it will go just fine. And if you haven't noticed other things that might make you think you have GD then you may be in the clear.

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I was really nervous too when I did mine. I passsed my test with DD just fine, but I guess because I was a bit overweight pre-pregnancy, I figure there is always the chance that I'll fail it.


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I'm on baby #3 as well, and I still have random horrible dreams that make me think/fear the worst things the whole next day, no matter how unlikely. I don't think it will ever change, no matter which # baby it is..

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Good Luck!

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I went on Saturday and I just about died! Over here we don't have 1 or 3 hour anymore. Only the 2 hour. I was told to fast and by the end of it all...I was pale, weak, shaking, nauseous, was the worst ever. With DD1 I failed the 1 hour so had to go to the 3 hour...felt the same! Luckily I passed but it was a horrible experience.