Gender predictions??

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Gender predictions??

Has anyone done any gender predictions??

I did the ring test!! It went side to side and according to this website its a girl!!

I guess the higher the HB that means girl? Well at 9 weeks it was 172 and at 11wks it was 150 so im not sure what im having according to that lmao!!!

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Mine were ALL wrong. The ring test, the baking soda test, the HR was in the 150's+ for the first 16 weeks, and the Chinese calendar, one was right the other was wrong. I'm having a boy.

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I've heard the heartbeat 3 different times and I only know what it was the one time when I went to the ER when I was sick. It was 148. So since it's lower possible boy? I've read on different pages that a heart rate 149 and below is boy and others say 139 and below is boy. So at least I know I'll have one of those! Ha ha.

I did the baking soda test (but I'm not sure if I did it right) and it said girl. The cabbage test said boy. I feel I am carrying low, but then again my last pregnancy I carried really low and I had a girl. Although she also came out 2 weeks early and was real low the last 2 months that the doctor kept warning me to take it easy ha ha. Although her being determined and such is so like her!

I haven't done the ring test (yet) and the Chinese predictor I think said girl. Although I know that's only 50/50 only because I have two friends who were the same age and gave birth on the same day, one to a boy and one to a girl ha ha. Plus I've heard you have to do the Chinese year or something. I dunno.

I love doing the gender prediction tests though. It's a lot of fun!

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Of the few little things I've done, I'm getting about half predicting girl, half boy. I did the cabbage thing, and the first time around, when the water was still SUPER hot, it turned red (meaning boy), but I did it again when the water was room temperature, and it had no change (meaning girl). I wonder if the water temp makes a difference? They didnt say anything about it...

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I did the cabbage test with DS2 and it came out girl even though he was a boy. The chinese calendar said boys for my last 2 and that was right. This time it says girl. I'm gonna skip the whole cabbage project this

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before 1st a friend did the ring test (which supposedly tells you all kids in order) and it came back girl then boy.....well I had a boy first so I wonder if this is going to be a girl haha
chinese calendar says girl (but it said girl for ds so who knows)