Gender Reveal/Thanksgiving Party today

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Gender Reveal/Thanksgiving Party today

So, since we are going to my family's for actual Thanksgiving next week, we decided to do a Thanksgiving today with DH's family and make it a Gender reveal party too. It was a blast. Here are some pics.

Here is the cake. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it gets the job done (and tastes great).

FIL cutting the cake since his 76th Birthday is next week.

The inside of the cake. FIL mangled it a bit, but it still worked out.

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That's so cute! The cake looks awesome!

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Super Cute! So what was the reaction?

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There were those who 'knew it' and those who thought it was a girl. When FIL first started cutting into the cake, MIL was right next to him saying, "I see pink! It's pink! It's another little girl!" And then when FIL FINALLY got his cake slice out of the cake, she goes, "That's blue. Is it a boy?" SIL got a little teary eyed over it. There's a lot of excitement since this will be the first boy with FIL's last name. I think people were more surprised than they were willing to admit. FIL had 4 girls and then DH was born.

We tell my family next week at official Thanksgiving. That is IF my mom didn't see the picture of the cut cake that SIL posted on her FB, after we asked her not to post anything on FB until after next week! In her defense, she didn't realize that the cake was in the pic, but my mom is on her friends and I'm afraid she may have already seen it. I'll call her later to test the waters.

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awl that is really exciting, so happy for you guys...

Would SIL remove pics until after next weekend?

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we were just talking about doing this!!! looks yummy

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**Lurker** How cute! That cakes looks good! Smile

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That is so awesome that FIL got to cut the cake for the reveal!
I'm so glad it all went well and they were excited and touched by the reveal.