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Generic Test Blinkie

Hi! Biggrin

So despite the re-vote, Sprouts won again! So it's official, our LO's are the April 2012 Sprouts!!

I am in the process of making the gender blinkies, but I made an initial test blinkie. I don't know if you ladies care to put in so much input into the blinkie process, but I really want to make this one extra special! I would love your input on what you think of this one. And also feel free to use it if you like it. I will have all the blinkies up soon!

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The type of feedback I'm looking for are things like:

Blink rate: Too fast/too slow
Font selection:
Color selection:

And whatever else you think might work to represent our Sprouts!

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As for font and color, I love it!! Perhaps could we do a bigger one, or was this the size voted on. Not a big deal at all, love it regardless! Can't wait to see the gender added to it....well, and I also can't wait to find out what I'm having!

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Thanks for the reminder, Erin.

This one is slightly smaller than the official one with the gender stuff in it. I was also thinking about making different sized ones. I know some people would prefer a smaller one so they can put more stuff in their siggy, and other like 'em big. . . what do you think? The medium sized one got the most votes in the poll.

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It looks great.........font, speed, colors and all! Is this the size that was chosen or will the actual gender blinkies you make be bigger?

YAY BLINKIES!!!!!!!!!!

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Kasey, I would definitely be making a bigger one.

As a refresher, these were the polled sizes.

The Medium won the poll with 73%, so I'll definitely be making that one, but I thought I might also make the big and the small too, so that people can have options. Small might be better for some who have a lot of things in their siggy, and Big for those who like our BB blinkie big, but Medium will should be a good size for most. I guess maybe I'll just see how long the medium ones take and go from there.

Keep that feedback coming!!

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Love it!!!

You did an awesome job!

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i love it!

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Looks great to me Smile

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Love it!

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Looks great!!