Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes

Hi ladies! Has anyone else been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? I have to say I hoped it wouldn't happen again this pregnancy, but no luck. Back to blood monitoring and diet control.

I'm starving all the time and all I want is what I can't have. Sad

It's darn near impossible to be happy and satisfied with a low carb/sugar lifestyle. The cravings are killing me!

...another 25 weeks of this! :eek:

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I had it with my last pregnancy but luckily my doc is not testing me early this time and I will just have the standard test at 28 weeks. :bighug: I am sorry you have to deal with it for so long! Hang in there, Mama!

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I had Gestational Diabetes with my son and now I have type 2 diabetes that I keep 100% under control with diet and exercise. I eat just about anything I want I just have to monitor servings sizes. Meat is my best friend. Also look for no carb snacks.

If you want a special snack you can compromise and do some extra exercises and it will keep your sugar under control.

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I haven't ever been diagnosed with it, but they already tested for it, after my 14 week appointment bc of my BMI (BMI is VERY inaccurate for me, since I have a LOT of muscle) and my first two were large when they were born. I haven't heard anything back, but I'm sure they'll tell me whatever I need to know at my appointment on Friday Smile I wouldn't do well on such a restricted diet, either!

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I had it with DD but I will not get tested until I see my OB, so after 20 weeks. So we will have to wait and see.

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I was diagnosed at 14 weeks with my first, so far I've passed.

I ate a lot of chicken, cheese, oatmeal, veggies like broccoli and carrots. Hardest part was staying away from fruits and pizza. Pizza would make my sugar spike bad. Though I'd make zucchini pizza and trick it a bit Blum 3

I know it seems daunting, but it really isn't. What I missed the most was pancakes. Which was weird because I didn't eat them very much before I got diagnosed.

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I've not been diagnosed, but it's definitely something I worry about. I was going to ask how you got diagnosed this early, but I'm guessing that you get tested early if you've been diagnosed before. I know it's a major PITA, hopefully you can get through the pregnancy without meds.

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Yes, I did the 1 hour test early at 13 weeks because I had diet controlled gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy. I failed the 1 hour (bonus I didnt have to do the long test I guess). Right now I have to do 15 carbs for breakfast, 30 for lunch, and 45 for dinner. Doesn't seem to matter what carb I eat but when I go over those allotments my sugar tests too high. Although, I have been doing just fine with fresh fruit (apples, anyway) so I get to have a fresh juicy gala apple as a snack between lunch and dinner (or as soon as my sugars go down to 100ish range). I have wasted a ton of the test strips just testing til I can have my apple, LOL Blum 3

I did get to have a 6in Subway sammich for lunch which took me to my top threshold of sugar, and I sacrficed no carbs for breakfast but it was sooooo good.

Between the planning and the cravings I will probably go insane. All for a good cause, and a healthy baby and birthweight. Wink