Getting Emotional

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Getting Emotional

We're starting to pack-up and move out of our house today. I just want to sit and cry! While I'm so excited to be moving on and get into our new house, I have so much emotionally wrapped up in this house. It's DH's and my first house, DD's house she's lived the past almost 4 years, and now the house we brought Tyler home to. We're leaving a great neighborhood and amazing neighbors. I just wish we could pick up the new house and move it here...Only 4 more nights and that's it. Makes me so sad Sad

Sorry, can't tell if this is postpartum emotions or just normal for a move like this.

On the plus side, Tyler is an AMAZING sleeper and will stay contently in his bassinet or bouncy seat so that I'm free to pack and run around like a mad woman.

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Aw, I think what you're feeling is totally normal-- post-prego hormones or not! Actually, the details of your living situation are identical to mine (first house for me and DH, first house for our DD for the last 3+ years, house we'll bring baby boy home to). We are desperate to move, which won't happen til the fall most likely, but at the same time we know it will be SO sad. We're just outgrowing the place and everything in my life takes place out in the suburbs now (we live downtown) so it just doesn't work for us anymore. I know I'll be so sad when the time comes-- a very bittersweet experience. So combine that any normal person would be sad with the fact that you have crazy hormones coursing through your veins right now and I'm amazed you're not just a ball of tears on the floor! Wink Good luck with everything!!

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I agree that what you are feeling sounds very normal. We are pretty sentimental about our house too since it's out first home and the one we brought both kids home to now. Unfortunately, with Kole here now, we've outgrown it and will be on the hunt for a new house. It'll be very emotional to leave here though. But all that being said, I'm sure PP hormones could magnify the emotions you are experiencing. Good luck with the move!

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I'm sure it's both. You are going through several big life changes, that's overwhelming - period. Leaving places is always hard for me, too. But, I hope you enjoy your new place and start making your new memories there. Hang in there, and big hugs.

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I've always lived in apartments or houses I knew weren't "mine," or at least a permanent home... so while I feel the same sentiment when I've moved from places that my children were brought home to, or saw first birthdays, etc... I know it's not as strong of a connection to the home. I will possibly be trading my car this weekend, for a minivan - and that makes me a little sentimental. It just does not make any sense for me to keep my 4-seater car, with 5 family members (and 6, when my stepson is here for summer & holidays). I hope your transition is smooth, and the excitement over the new house takes over for you!

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Those emotions sound perfectly reasonable! Either one is a good reason to have strong feelings. I can't imagine both together in so short a time. You're an amazing trooper for getting through it. I hope you can relax and enjoy it.