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Gimme some ideas! (XP)

Could you ladies chime in with some suggestions on how to tell DH?? I think I am going to hold off telling him til tomorrow or Friday when I get a little bit darker line. Give me your best, creative ideas on how to tell him!

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I waited until I had a darker line and then just left it in the bathroom for DH to find LOL!

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Nothing exciting here but I loved hearing others stories.

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What about big brother shirts for you older boys? Or make a cake for dessert that says something along the lines of new baby. I'm not the most creative in this area.

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Mine have never been matter how hard I try to be sneaky DF always knew I was testing and asked as I was walking out of the bathroom. But, when we decide to tell others I bought a T-shirt for DS that says "I'm going to be a big brother." We will wait and see how long it takes for people to figure it out.

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DH was standing there when I found out, so I have nothing cute of my own to share, but my friend took a picture of the positive test and uploaded it to her husband's laptop and made it his desktop background. When he got home from work that night he plopped down on the couch with his computer, as expected, and when he opened it up that giant picture was greeting him. They had major fertility issues and had been trying for years, so he was obviously very excited. I thought that was pretty cute. Smile