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Glucose test


I have been sooooo busy here getting ready for Christmas, I have hardly come on the computer at all!! Getting so close to the big day and the excitement around here is really building!!! I love having all the little ones around... bring such a sense of joy to the season!

Anyways... back to baby business... I am seriously considering not doing the glucose test. It was absolutely awful the first time and I don't want/have time to feel that horrible. I don't have any of the risk factors or symptoms, but at the same time I know that GD can occur in any pregnancy. I was reading that in some countries the doctor's do a finger stick, like for non gestational diabetes and if the sugar is high, THEN they do the one hour glucose test.

Anyone else look into not doing this test??


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I haven't looked into opting out, but I am having the 1-hour test on Wednesday. So not looking forward to it! Mostly because I am 100% convinced I'm going to fail (I failed it with my daughter) which then means the truly awful 3-hour test. Though I have no risk factors for GD, it's a bit concerning that at my last appointment 3 weeks ago there was glucose in my urine.... very unusual. They kept quizzing me on what I'd eaten that morning and previous night, but there was nothing they thought would trigger that. So that does make me think, "Oh no.... what if??" but hopefully I won't have it. Time will tell!

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I'm going to go ahead with it, though I did feel awful that whole day when did the test with DD. It is within your rights, of course, to not do it. They can check your protein levels in your urine to keep an eye on it. You can also monitor your own blood sugar levels with one of thos little glucose monitors. Basically, it's not like you can't figure out if there's diabetes if you don't do the 1hr Glucose test. I say if you don't have any risk factors, then don't worry about it.

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I didn't take the test with my 2nd pregnancy as my midwife didn't require it. I will opt out of it again this time too. Regular urine tests done at routine appointments & other signs can point to GD and further testing can be done then.

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My appt for my test is the 2nd week of January. I actually don't mind the drink (am I the only one? LOL). I really doubt I will have GD because I didn't with my other two (although I did have to do the 3 hour with DD1) and I don't believe anyone in my family had it either.

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I'm going to opt out this time. Everything was fine with my last pregnancy.

I'm in a new job this time around, and the insurance is much worse. The insurance is only covering 60% of labs. Ouch.

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I'd love to opt out. At my last u/s the baby was in the 95% for growth. It makes me think that I am infact due in March and not April 1st. My midwife said at the last appt that baby didn't feel big. But she still wants me to go ahead with the 2hr test.

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I'm doing the 1 hour next week. I don't mind the drink either, mind you I wouldn't keep it chilled at home for a refreshing time or anything Blum 3

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I don't know if you guy's are aware, but you can do the test with a meal instead of taking that awful drink. There really is no point in putting all that sugar in your body all at once and it's not the greatest thing for the baby, especially if you happen to have GD! Most people would never ever consume that much sugar at once anyways.

I personally do not do the GD testing, I just check my sugar throughout my pregnancy and that is usually totally fine with the MW or OB's - at least in my experience. I only did the GD test with baby #1 and I did the meal before the draw instead. Just letting you know you do have options!

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A friend of mine said that at drug stores they can test your sugar, so I think I might just do that a couple of times, and then go to the doctor with those numbers. Assuming they are in a good range, I am opting out!