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Glucose Test

I had my GTT this past Thursday and I just got the call back with the results today. I tested borderline at 141 (140 is as high as they want it to be). They said I just need to watch my carbs a little. I don't have to do the 3 hour test and I don't have to test my blood sugar, I just have to not go nuts-o with the carbs and I'll be fine. This is a major relief since I had GD with DS2 and had to test 4 times a day and give myself insulin injections twice a day.

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Yea for not having to test and do insulin. Glad things went ok!

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I'm glad you don't have to retest and they only said to watch carbs. That's great! I met a lady at the 3 hour who failed with a 140 and she had to do the 3 hour. Gah.

Anyway...yay for no technical GD!

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That's great that you didn't have to go through the 3 hour! And yay for no testing and insulin. I'm currently doing everything humanly possible to avoid having to do insulin.

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Lucky they went that route. I was 142 at my 1 hour and I had to go for the 3 hour. Thankfully that one came out normal.

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I'm glad they are letting you manage it with diet and not do the 3 hour test.

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Glad they aren't making you take the 3 hr test! I know that must be quite a relief for you.

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Glad your numbers were low enough and that they just told you to watch the carbs intead of everything you had to do last time.