Go Desmond Go!

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Go Desmond Go!

I wanted to tell SOMEONE since my husband isn't here (and doesn't have his phone so I can't text him) but today, I was taking pictures of the kids in the kitchen and Des really wanted the camera. I was taking pictures of him standing and...HE STARTED WALKING TO ME!!!

He took 6-7 steps and almost made it to me. He was doing it like he had been doing it forever. I screamed with joy, clapped, and dropped my camera lol. Then I started crying because it makes me realize how much DH is going to miss when he deploys soon. He isn't walking all the time, but it's just a matter of time before he's going to be doing that and running all over. Eek. I just want DH here to see him walk and run before he deploys (and to be here for his 1st bday but since we dunno WHEN he deploys we dunno if he will be or not Sad )

But I had to tell someone and didn't wanna put it on FB because I have a weird thing where I want DH to know before my family and friends IRL.


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Holy cow!!!!! What a crazy little, tiny, overachiever!! Way to go Desmond!!! That's insane! I can't believe the docs are giving you a hard time about his size when he's obviously WAAAAAY ahead of the curve developmentally!

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Good Job Desmond!!!!

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that is awesome wtg Desmond