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Good News!

Finally found a place that I will be happy with for welcoming LO!

We toured so many hospitals (my 2 kids are troopers for putting up with all the tours) and nothing was clicking. I was getting so discouraged by it all, especially since I'd still love to go for another homebirth but we just can affort the out of pocket expense for a 2nd one so close to the first. Anyway I went to a costal town a few towns over and found a hosptial run birth center that is awesome. Oddly there are no birth centers in this part of CA, but thats a whole different story. This place is very supportive of natural childbirth without interventions, offers birth tools (balls, stools, bars, ect.), and has spa tubs with jets in 50% of their rooms. Also the L&D room is also your postpartum room and its huge with a bed for DH and a patio type balcony. They even welcome our children to spend the night and will bring in small cots for them :eek: . I knew I was in love with them when they didn't gasp at my delayed cord clamping and other 'not so common' questions. I really would love to have a water birth but they said I am only allowed to labor in the tub and have to deliver outside of the water. That is the only drawback with them so far, and they are an hours drive out of town, but I can work with that. Anyway, now just got to make 100% sure that our insurance is cool with them which shouldn't be a prob. since they are hospital run. Oh, and I get to start going to their MW's for my appts. starting on Tuesday. No more doctor horrible for me! I'm so excited that I've solved that problem and am happy about the place I have choosen finally.

In other good news, I finally get to go see the Chiropractor! Every pregnancy I say I'm going to go but just end up suffering through the hip and sciatic pain. Totally dumb since I think our insurance covers most of this. Its totally started bothering me more and more, so Monday I did some online searching and found someone 2 towns over that works on pregos. I get to go in to meet them today and get started. I can't wait to have relief!

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That is fantastic, Joy!! I'm so glad you found a place that you love, especially since you can't do the homebirth again. I hope the chiropractor helps with the pain too. I remember you talking about the sciatic pain with Odin, so it'll be great for you not to have to go through that again this time.

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Glad you found a place you like! Just one step closer to baby!!!

Also that's awesome about getting a chiropractor. I probably should do that because every time I wake up my joints seriously sound like they're clicking together. But knowing me I'll blow it off and suffer through it lol.

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Awesome, awesome, awesome! Sounds like you're good news all-around! That's got to be one massive sigh of relief!!

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Awesome Smile Its always good to make sure your comfortable with where you are going. I am going to be talking with the Hospital ill be in and tell them id really like to be in a bigger room. I was in a Tiny one last time and far from the nursery.

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that's awesome that you found a place you like