Goodbye April.

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Goodbye April.

You ladies have been wonderful I am Happy for all who got their BFP's and still cheering on the ones in their 2WW Smile I decided to just put today as AF start day CD 1 so April is out for me there is always next month. I could be wrong it could be implantation but it feels like AF and if it turns out to not be and it stops in a day or 2 then I will test again so you may see me yet. Good luck lady's and Thanks for your support :bigarmhug:

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Sorry to see you go, hope you get your BFP soon!!

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:bighug: Hope May is the month for you. Smile I may be joining you over there. If I get pregnant this cycle, my due date would be the 27th, but my DD was 5 days late. So, I'm thinking it would be a May baby.

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Oh no! :confused: I hope you get your BFP in May. Good luck!

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Sorry and good luck to you

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Thank You for your well wishes :bigarmhug: Maybe May will be it... I have some plans to start trying to get my cycles on track and make my LP longer so I have a better chance it may take a few cycles but that's okay Smile Good luck to all of you as well!