Got to hear the heartbeat!

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Got to hear the heartbeat!

I was at the dr's office today for something unrelated to pregnancy. I thought I would just see the PA, but I got to see my doctor instead - and listen to the heartbeat!

It was really exciting. This was the first time I've ever heard it on the doppler and it was so reassuring. I saw the baby in an ultrasound 3 weeks ago, but still wasn't convinced everything was still OK. It still doesn't feel real, but I think maybe we're ready to go public with the news.


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Yahoo for hearing a healthy heartbeat!!

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Yay! That's so exciting! I can't wait to go in again for my appt to get to hear the heartbeat again! I just love that sound.

And I still haven't gone public yet (not even with family) because I'm paranoid. But my parents are overseas on vacation for 2 weeks so once they come back, I'll tell them.

But still, very excited you got to hear the heartbeat!

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yay for hearing hb.....always nice to hear Smile

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how great you got to hear it! hooray!

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My first U/S is next Tuesday and I can't wait!

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Yay for getting a listen!

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So exciting!!!!

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There is nothing like absolute confirmation that a little heartbeat is ticking away! So exciting!

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How exciting!!! I loved hearing the heartbeat. It was sooo fast DS just pointed at the screen the whole time too cute Smile