Great Baby Deal

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Great Baby Deal

I've been watching craigslist for deals on certain baby items I've wanted. Yesterday I found someone selling a Mini Arm's Reach co-sleeper for $50. Got it today and it's in perfect condition!! Saved $100!!!

Though, right after I went to Kohl's and spent $100 on baby clothes and clothes for DD while waiting for my doctor's appt. :/ At least it went to good use Wink

Have you scored any great deals on baby gear?

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Awesome deal!!!!
Got our baby swing with DS2 for $20 and in perfect condition. Also our infant seat for $40. For this LO a friend is selling me 24 of her pocket cloth diapers (BG) for whatever price I want to give her. It will be a great deal!

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I've gotten a lot of clothes lots on ebay or Craigslist for great prices. The one lot was 100+ pieces in excellent condition, including little shoes that weren't even worn for $50. Another lot was from newborn to 2T of over 100+ pieces including blankets, hats, shoes, and socks in excellent condition for $60. Then I got another lot for about the same price (I think it was 75) that had over 100 pieces lol. So this little guy has a lot of clothes! But I did go through the clothes and sold the ones I didn't want.

I also got a good price on my breast Medela was 160$ I think and it included accessories and a bunch of extras, all new! And a free diaper bag.

I love deals lol. But I am also lucky that all my bigger items (crib, swing, pack n play, bouncer) are gender neutral and I kept it all in case of another baby (ha most of which I've had since DD1!).

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I scored a double stroller plus a trash bag full of baby girl clothes for 50 bucks! My old boss's kids go to a co-op preschool that do a rummage sale every fall. I definitely scored some quality stuff since the school is in a decent area.