Great U/S and we have an EDD!!!

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Great U/S and we have an EDD!!!

Baby was moving around A LOT! I got to see baby wave his/her arms and saw a good steady heartbeat. I measured 8 wks 6 days giving me an EDD of 4/11/12!! So happy right now!

ETA: Sorry the U/S pic is SO BIG! I am bad with uploading pictures and don't know how to resize it from my e-mail.

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I don't see a picture? Sad
and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for happy little baby!

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Hmmm....not sure what is up with the picture. And photobucket is being moody. Oh well.

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Congratulations! Isn't it such a great feeling?

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Congrats on a great appt. and getting to see your wee LO! Biggrin

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That's great news! Wish Photobucket would stop being moody!

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Yay for a great peep at LO!

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Congrats! I love that first U/S!

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So exciting!! It must be great to finally have an EDD!!

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Congrats on your appt & getting a due date! Very exciting!!!

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Yeah, I'm so glad you were able to see your little one and now you have an edd! That's awesome!

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Congratulations on a great appointment!