Growth spurt?

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Growth spurt?

Is there a 1 week growth spurt? I feel like Lucas has been nursing nonstop today. He did lose 9% of his birth weight, so maybe he's just trying to catch back up.

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Peyton did the same right at 1 week

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I feel like I just get mini-breaks from the growth spurts.. instead of the growth spurts being the exception. Today's been pretty intense here; every 2 hours on the dot. I broke down & gave an additional few ounces of pumped milk to get him to take a bit longer of a nap. I'm feeling sore!

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I think it's good that he's eating so much and maybe it is a growth spurt. Not all babies follow the same schedule. Smile

I think Desmond is going through a growth spurt now, but he's almost 5 weeks (WHAT?!) because he's been eating every 2 hours about 3-4 oz at every feeding. Monday he was pretty much attached to my boob all day lol. My nipples are still really sore from it.

But hey, it means he's doing good so I'm happy.

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I think bay is also going through a growth spurt. She's 3 weeks 1 day and she wants to eat every 20 min and if she's not eating she was screaming. I know there is a growth spurt at this time, I just hope it was one day of roughness and it's over now because my nipples are officially painful.
I know what helped me last night was giving her to daddy so she couldn't smell the milk, then instantly she was asleep... Something to try for you ladies! Smile

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Will did the same thing at about one week/ten days old -- he's cooled off some. I wonder if it is a growth spurt!