Guess we better spill the beans soon...

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Guess we better spill the beans soon...

I got the following text message from my MIL this morning (before 8AM, even):

"Good morning. I know it is early but I had to let you know I had my baby dream this morning and it is a girl, so I think it must be getting time, just to let you know."

I don't know how this woman does it but she has a dream EVERY time someone is pregnant. Takes the fun out of telling her now, since she's going to be all "I TOLD YOU SO!"

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How weird. Is she usually right about the sex too?

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that is wild! I have an aunt that usually predicts it within a few months, but it's more of a joke when it comes up.

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Ha ha that's weird! My old boss did that! Before I told her I was pregnant she looked at me and was telling me she kept dreaming one of the girls we worked with was pregnant.

Later on, randomly, she turned around and asked me if my sister was pregnant. And she was too! Ha it was so weird. Because then she was just like "huh, thought so." Ha ha.

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That is so odd! Totally takes a little of the fun out of telling her.

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really's really time to tell her!