Had my 1 hour Glucose today & Dr Visit!

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Had my 1 hour Glucose today & Dr Visit!

So that didnt go so well. Tho i knew it was coming at the same time does that make since? Since i have PCOS i was sure i would have GD because i have elevated sugars with the PCOS. They said mine came back at 189 which is a tad elevated. They are not going to make me do the 3hr but next monday i have to go to a Dietitian Class and then follow up with my dr. They also want me to do Kick counts since Kinsley seems to be lazy! My husband said if we find good things to eat he will help cook them Smile This makes me happy. Also was given Flexoral(sp) for my back pain. I dont want to take more meds than i have too lol

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Lol I wish my DH would cook sometimes! Not that he can't, but yesterday I was finishing up sewing a blanket and he kept asking me "So....when are you planning on making dinner?" and I wanted to tell him if he was that starving he could make it himself lol. It literally took 10 minutes to make so it wasn't a big deal.

Sometimes I wish this baby was lazy! I hate when I'm about to finally get some sleep and he decides he needs to kick the crap out of me and my bladder lol!

Hopefully the medicine helps your back. I'm glad mine isn't killing me too bad (knock on wood)...it's just my hips because they pop when I walk lol.

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Awww, that was sweet of your hubby. Sorry about the GD and not so great appointment.