Had our 2 month check-up

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Had our 2 month check-up

So, I'm back from Kole's appointment and my little fatty is perfect!

He is in the 97th percentile at
16lbs 8oz (YIKES!) and
24 3/4 inches long with a
16.5inch head!!

Anyone else have a pudgy, huge kid?

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Wow he does weigh a lot! But he's healthy so it doesn't matter!

Mine is only 10 1/2 lbs (on the 22nd). Although I have a friend who's 10 or 11 month old is already at 30 lbs lol. But both his parents are 6+ feet. Lol he weighs more than DD2 (who is only 28 lbs lol).

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That's a big boy! Lucas is 50th-60th percentile for everything.

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He's a big healthy boy! good growing kole! Ella's 2 (and a half) month check is tomorrow! Can't wait to find out how big she is!

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He is a big boy. Our kids are always big, DS was off the chart especially for height and always in the 90-95% for weight but you would not know it now. Emma was in the 90% for weight and 95% for height at her 2 mth. The doctor said she was the size of a 4 mth old. But she is not huge just solid.

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I think Elijah was around 70th percentile at his last appointment, but he seems to have really packed on the pounds since then. I'm thinking I might weigh him today. My girls were both very big for their ages. Now my 4 1/2 year old is taller than most 7 year olds. I'm just waiting to see if my little man follows suit...

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yay for healthy babes!

I have no idea how big Maggie is and won't until this Friday, but I'm totally curious. Everyone just exclaims how "big" she is.