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Halloween is coming up! Do you know what your kid(s) is/are going to be?

Desmond is going to be a monkey! I can't wait lol. I already tried it on him and he is so cute! DD2 told me she wanted to be a purple shark so I got stuff from Walmart to make her costume, but she changed it to a pink shark. Lol so I'm excited to make her costume. DD1 is going to be a white bunny, so hers is easy!!!

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Oh my goodness you are organized!!!

My daughter has been a fairy every year since she was 2, so I'm curious to see if she is going to ask to be one again! My two boys I won't plan for until much closer since I'm not sure if they will be here for Hallowe'en... fingers crossed that their families will be ready for them to return, so then I will have no children so obviously that will sort itself out closer to the date. One of my current little guys has sensory issues so if he is still here, I will be trying to make a costume out of regular clothes again!! As for Heidi... hmm... don't have any idea yet. Time to start thinking!! I can't even remember what my oldest daughter was when she was tiny, yet another reason not to have 5 years between children!

Can't wait to see pictures of the pink shark! What a great costume choice!


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Yeah I asked her what she wanted to be and she goes "Purple shark for Halloween!" and that was her answer for a while. Then she would change it and finally when I went to Walmart to get a sweat suit, there was purple, black, pink and leopard print. I showed her and she said she wanted to be a pink shark lol. Lucky too because the material I got, the closest one was the pink to the pink outfit. Does that make sense? Lol.

I'm actually really excited to start on her costume. I'll probably start next week when DH is in the field. That way it'll help pass the time Smile

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Well, not sure about Tyler. Maybe a pumpkin or something.

DD has already put in her request a 'super kitty princess butterfly mermaid'. Now how am I supposed to do THAT?! I have a few ideas in mind, but realy, she's going to have to compromise on some of those things Wink

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ds1 wants to be a vampire, ds2 no plans yet (saw a cute tigger outfit that was super warm).
I'm not a big "dresser-upper" myself but this is funny

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Coleson is going to be a pirate, he decided yesterday. So we got that stuff. Then Sarah will either be a bee, lion or monkey. We have the costumes it just depends what fits her best. Emma will be a dragon. All of our kids have been one since we have the costume, it is so cute.

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DS1 is going to be Batman, so Lucas is going to be Robin... Smile