Halloween and a birthday!

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Halloween and a birthday!

No one posted about Halloween yesterday!? (GASP!) Ha ha.

I'll post pictures later but I wanted to say that the kids had a blast trick or treating! Although today I woke up and found out that someone on base found a sewing needle in their candy so now I have to check the kids' candy or throw it all away. Grrr...not sure if it was a tainted batch or someone actually put it there, but you never wanna be too careful. Horrible.

Today is also DD2's 3rd birthday! She had a great birthday and got lots of presents. For a while the livingroom looked like a toy store threw up in it lol. DH didn't get to be here for it though because he had to be in the field all day and until late tonight Sad He got to choose between spending Halloween with the kids, or today and he chose Halloween. I think it's because it's Desmond's first and he didn't want to miss it. Since he's deploying in the next couple months he's most likely gonna miss Des's 1st bday and so many other firsts....and now I wonder if that's why he was so determined to get Desmond crawling early so maybe he won't miss his first steps...man I never thought of that ha.

Anyway, today was fun for the most part. It's so dry here so my lips are cracked and chapped and hurt lol.

Did your kids dress up for Halloween? If so share pictures!!! Smile

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Ha ha also I

(He made a "HURRY UP" face lol)

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Looks like a lot of fun!!

We had a great night too! My oldest daughter was a pirate, then we had a robot and a car! I was a bit frustrated because I had a second car costume, but my little guy has sensory issues and other delays, so couldn't get his mind around the idea of a new costume, so wore his robot costume from last year. Oh well, he still looked cute!! Heidi and I were a two headed monster... I put her in her front carrier, and then put a big t-shirt over both of us with holes cut out for head and arms!! The best part was my husband drove three hours from where he is taking an army course, just so he could come trick-or-treating with us! It was awesome to see the look on the littles faces when he knocked on the door and they thought it was going to be a trick-or-treater and it was him! Also, the fireworks were really great this year, so overall a really fun night!!


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I know I was thinking the same thing Smile I need to upload photos
we went out...well dh and ds1 did (I handed out candy with Adam)

Happy Birthday Smile kids looked cute

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So cute!

Photobucket is being a pain tonight. I was trying to upload a Halloween photo too. My poor siggy pic is nearly 6 months old so a Halloween pic would be a good update.